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Trippin' turns to Shoppin'

Sunday 28th of June, 2010
Today whilst the adults go and earn their crust, I am alone to have a day of play. I decide to check out the Mall of the Emirates, and see what this Ski Dubai thing is all about. Malls in Dubai are no joke – there are stores for all occasions – nursery ware, food courts, cinemas, designer and cut price clothing, everything. I buy a few things and (after a few wrong turns and lost manoeuvers) make my way to Ski Dubai. 

First impressions – wow, its kind of small. But it is impressive – clever clogs engineers have managed to recreate the atmosphere of an entirely enclosed winter wonderland, in Dubai. Let’s take a moment to think about that again – there is snow in the middle of the fricken desert. Any way you cut it, its pretty incredible. Whilst I did think it was awe-inspring, my participation ended at taking a few snaps. 

I decided to make my journey home via the Metro, the much feted, newly installed, rail transport system. It was a joy to experience – clean and reliable. It was slightly unnerving to see a fully armed guard patrolling the platform, but I guess ticket evaders know they ain’t gonna be any fuckin’ about, son! Dinner was quiet – a cheeky Italian at Madinat, with lovely night-time views of the Burj.

Monday 29th June, 2010
Monday was pretty much the same – more shopping, this time at Dubai Mall again. I bought a pillow in the shape of a Hershey’s chocolate bar, and had lunch at Fat Burger. The afternoon was spent lounging on the beach.  I naturally compare all beaches to Queensland’s, which are objectively, the best in the world (hey, this is my blog, I can say whatever I want). The Jumeirah beach (2mins from the apartment – D.I.E) is quite nice – not too crowded, and whilst surfers would be lamenting the lack of breaks, it provides families with ease of knowledge knowing their little ones can play in the water in relative safety. However, the temperature of the water is a slightly offputting  – it is strange to swim in water the same temperature as piss.
Tonight sees Chile play Brazil for a place in the World Cup 2010 Quarter finals – so we all head down to the newly opened Movenpick Hotel to watch the big game. Final stats – Brazil 3, Chile 0. Jade 2 beers, Tina 1 martini, Anwar 1 vodka+cranberry and Ian 1 beer.  Good game all. 

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