I'm trying to right my wrongs, but funny these same wrongs helped my write this blog

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags

Offense. What does it mean? Bookish definition is “a violation or breaking of a social or moral rule; a transgression; sin.” So I guess you could say it is when someone or something communicates with you in a manner that is at odds with your personal morals and beliefs. I have to say this post was borne of my personal and general media reaction to Ricky Gervais hosting  the Golden Globes a few weeks ago. For those that missed it, here is a taster:

2011 Travel wish-list | Take me on a trip I’d like to go someday...

As an adjunct from last week’s (apparently divisive) Top 50 of 2010 list, I thought I would share an open letter on possible locales for vacay this year. Preface – I get very obsessed with things. The current flavour du mois seems to be this blog – masturbation by manuscription. My other fixation at the mo – Israel (and neighbouring regions). 

The land of the holy, which is a slightly curious choice as I think I am turning into an atheist. I can hear the pundits’ wails of derision – “You can’t be a bit of an atheist, that’s like saying you’re a bit pregnant; you either are or you aren’t”. The thing is, I have a great respect for all religions, I am just not sure if I believe in it. Again – bizarre. I guess its the intrinsic difference between a racist joke and a joke about racism. What was I saying? Oy vey  - Israel.

2010 Wrap

Hello campers, I know I have been slipping on my pimping with this blog, so I thought I would get my Mary Schmich on and do a “Top 50 things I’ve learnt in 2010” post. It’s been a year of ups and downs, both personally, professionally and within the greater context of national and international congress. Anyways, enough with the foreplay and on with the list:
1.       Don’t ask people about their tattoos, unless it’s a legitimate and heartfelt question. Things such as ‘did that hurt?’; ‘you know that’s there forever’ are obvious and give us the shits. Sure we’ll talk about the meaning or reasons behind our choice, but come on, it’s such a personal thing; unless you are a complete psychopath we know that you are always going to be complimentary – you can’t really diss someone’s tattoo, it’s like saying their kid’s ugly.