I'm trying to right my wrongs, but funny these same wrongs helped my write this blog

Oman - Oh Man!

Up at sparrow’s fart, as the driver is scheduled to pick me up between 8 and 8:30. We pick up a family who are also partaking in the day’s festivities. The drive is 2.5 hours, and is a perfect opportunity to take in the scenery of outer Dubai. I didn’t expect the landscape to be so rocky – I expected much more desert, sandy dunes etc. 

Trippin' turns to Shoppin'

Sunday 28th of June, 2010
Today whilst the adults go and earn their crust, I am alone to have a day of play. I decide to check out the Mall of the Emirates, and see what this Ski Dubai thing is all about. Malls in Dubai are no joke – there are stores for all occasions – nursery ware, food courts, cinemas, designer and cut price clothing, everything. I buy a few things and (after a few wrong turns and lost manoeuvers) make my way to Ski Dubai. 

Dirty Deira

Today is Miss Tina’s birthday. We kick off the day with a stroll down the Marina Walk. As we pass the buildings and multiple Starbucks, it is evident that this is very much ‘Ex-pat town’ and the nicer side of Dubai. Have breakfast at a French-style cafe named Paul (practice for next week I guess). Make our way back to a lovely little place called ‘Boutique 1’, a favourite of the birthday girl – designer clothes and homewares, trés chic. Head home ‘sweaty ballsy’ – its not so much the temperature of Dubai, its the humidity can make things difficult. Still, mustn’t grumble. Head home to see if A is up and ready for our trip to Deira.

Middle East Me!

After a 16 hour flight (starting at 2:30am), I am finally here, in the land of oil. I won't bore you with details of my journey (2x 7.5 hour flights, with a stopover in Singapore) the food served on the plane (not bad, especially liked the teriyaki chicken slider burger) or the numerous grievances complete strangers have inflicted on me (can you go to jail for murdering somebody because they keep putting their seat back?).

First impressions of Dubai (or the Airport I should say) is this place is clean and modern. I love how the Middle East has such an identifiable culture - sand, pyramids, Arabian moons etc. Perhaps the locals feel otherwise, the way I feel when I see Australian stores draped in the Southern Cross and kangaroo and koala motifs. I also find the national dress of the men (the dishdash) quite enchanting. As the airport is largely a stopover site, the space is caverous and a melting pot of the world's travellers. As I chat with 2 bubbly Americans, we comment on the striking beauty of an Ethiopian woman in elegant dress. 

Trippin'- getting ready...

So, I guess I better pull my finger out and do this blog. I am not sure what to say, but I think if I just keep typing whilst my brain is sort of on track and engaged on the subject, hopefully something nearly coherent will be created.
Today is Tuesday 22 June. The time is 11:10pm. Any normal person, who has to work in the morning, get a 9 year old to school and is trying to fend off the start of a cough would be in bed. If that is the equation, well then I guess I am not normal. You see I have a trip to go on in 2 days – a week in Dubai with my best friend Tina J, followed by 2 weeks in Paris.