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Oman - Oh Man!

Up at sparrow’s fart, as the driver is scheduled to pick me up between 8 and 8:30. We pick up a family who are also partaking in the day’s festivities. The drive is 2.5 hours, and is a perfect opportunity to take in the scenery of outer Dubai. I didn’t expect the landscape to be so rocky – I expected much more desert, sandy dunes etc. 

We made a stop at a sort of makeshift marketplace – selling mostly a mixture of rugs, plants, fruit, homewares and toys. Despite the store owners best efforts, I walk away empty-handed. After about an hour, we arrive at the dock and board the Dhow. 

It is beautifully sunny. We made three stops throughout the day, for about 45 minutes each time. Went swimming and snorkelling - the water is crystal clear, a bit warm and alot saltier than back home. 
Patriotic side-note: I love being an Australian - the fact that my youth was spent paddling around in the pool and the beach means I am naturally comfortable in the water - something that I have always taken for granted, but has come in so handy today. A family from London
that were obviously Muslim very timidly made off the boat, dressed in full length clothes, flippers, goggles, as well as full makeup and earrings, watches, rings, bangles - the whole kit and caboodle. I just jumped off the deck. 
Lunch was prepared, of traditional Arabian fare. On our way home, we were stopped by border police, who was a little scary – the guard was kitted out in Desert Storm fatigues, an AK47 and a “I don’t take shit” expression. After a few tense minutes, we were allowed through. Overall it was a really enjoyable, relaxing, long day (home at 5:30pm, which makes that 9 hours total), and I highly recommend it to anyone spending some time in Dubai. 

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