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Coupe du Monde Mon Ami

Sunday 11th of July, 2010
As the previous evening was spent getting loose with an old school chum, we slept for most of the day (hey, its holidays – perfect opportunity to catch up on a few zzz's). After we woke from our slumber, we headed down to Cafe Oz to watch the Coupe Du Monde final, Spain vs Netherlands. The place is heaving, and as a Dutchie supporter, I am outnumbered. Against all odds, Tina catches up with an old chum, and I busy myself with checking out things external to the game.
As the result is confirmed as being ESP 1, NED 0, the crowd erupts. Viva Espana I suppose. On the way home, I drown my sorrows in a Nutella crepe, prepared by the above lovable chap.

Monday 12th of July, 2010
Today’s activity was supposed to be the Photography tour, but as the weather has taken a turn for the worse, we have rescheduled for Thurs morning. We use our time shopping, Repetto ballet flats, candles and homewares the items du jour. We then venture down the rabbit hole, more commonly known as a shopping trip to Colette. Good Lord this place is cooler than cool – polaroid cameras, funky kicks, designer clothes, artsy books,obscure cosmetics. I snuck a pic before the security guard gave me a warning.
Dinner was another typically French meal Рwe both try fois gras. Despite the un-PC overtones, I have to say it is delicious but ridiculously rich; and when followed by a cr̬me brulee, I feel like a heart attack waiting to happen.
Sidenote: any benefits our bodies have gained from the days of walking are undone by the cholesterol-laden food we are consuming. Whilst it is flavoursome and delicious, it is bloody creamy and heavy.
Head home, but not before enquiring as to the price of wigs displayed in ghetto hairdressers. We might have been a little tipsy. 

Tuesday 13th of July, 2010                                    
Tour day – we are up early to meet our minivan driver who is taking us to Versailles palace. On the way he gives us a brief overview of French history – I would be listening if I wasn’t hungover. I did enjoy the ride though – as I have stayed in central Paris for my entire trip, it is nice to see suburbs etc. We arrive at the palace and its jam-packed. Crap, I hate fellow tourists. Especially German ones. From the looks of the high socks there are heaps of them here today. Oh Gawd, I can hear a Texas twang. Headache in T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2.....
Anyhoo, we make our through the crush and into the palace. It is sumptuous, velvet drapes, al fresco ceilings, oil paintings. Too bad I am being bulldozed by the line to take in all of this artsy fabulousness....Grr....The room I most want to see is the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors). 
We then float around the Jardins - classical music is being pumped through the hedges, fountains are flowing, flowers are growing , and the wind is blowing (ha, I should write a rap album).
Then we are dropped off back in the 9th, and have lunch: grillled sole in lemon butter for me, and a phallic kebab for Mrs Jones. After some more shopping along Champs de Elysee (army boys are strutting around in their berets - drool) and a failed trip to a flea market, we head home to relax before the celebrations of the National Day tomorrow. 

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